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UAV heavy fuel turboprop engine
Turbofan Engine Inlet for VTOL



Let us develop your next JP-8 or JP-10 turbopump. We have produced systems for the NAWC Fasthawk and DARPA/ONR Hyfly missile.

portable gas turbine generator set

Redline’s award winning  team is known throughout the industry as a leader in the development of small and microscale gas turbines.

10 kW ceramic gas turbine for DARPA

We dynamically balance rotors to .000015 oz-in and routinely operate rotors beyond 200,000 rpm. Two of our engines have exceeded 450,000 rpm.

Missile fuel pump for NAWC

Development & qualification testing is a specialty.  We are familiar with RTCA DO-160, Mil-Std-810 and have FAA certificated aircraft systems and qualified systems for military flight test.


Our foil bearings operate at speeds beyond 300,000 rpm.  We do our own rotordynamics analyses and manufacture our own bearings using state of the art CNC machining and forming techniques.



Redline is in the business of developing and manufacturing small turbo machines.  We leverage over 200 collective years of design experience in our field.  Our corporate history dates back to 1989 when Bryan Seegers founded M-DOT Aerospace and to 1986 when Mark Lee founded Aeromark.  Mark Lee acquired M-DOT in 2011 and formed Azmark Aero Systems  In 2014, Azmark was sold and its engineering division was permitted to separate and form Redline, as an independent corporate entity.  Redline retained and currently owns all hardware and IP related to its gas turbine and turbopump product line. 

              Company Chronology Follows.



Bryan Seegers and Bob Wahl, both engineers at (then) Allied Signal Engines, develop in their spare time, the world's first practical turbojet for model aircraft.  Engine and aircraft are now in the Smithsonian Collection.


M-DOT Aerospace is founded in Phoenix Arizona to develop and manufacture gas turbine engines, test systems and aircraft hardware.


M-DOT grows its manufacturing and engineering business to become a legacy supplier of flight- grade and space-grade hardware to Gulfstream, Raytheon, Boeing and Honeywell.  Concurrently-engineered parts and systems continue to fly on tactical missiles, business jets, and the International Space Station. M-DOT develops numerous gas turbines and turbopump systems for the Army, Air Force, Navy, DARPA and commercial enterprises.
In the year 2000, M-DOT wins DARPA's "Outstanding Performance by a Small Business Contractor" award.


Aerospace visionary Mark Lee, and Partners acquires M-DOT and establishes Azmark Aero Systems a world class development and manufacturing firm housed under 43,000 sq feet in Gilbert, Arizona.


Azmark is acquired by and becomes a division of Imaginetics, continuing as a world-class manufacturer of aerospace parts & systems.
The Engineering Division is spun off and incorporates as Redline Turbine Systems retaining all gas turbine IP and hardware.
TPR60 Twin-Spool Turboshaft for UAVs
Developed for the US Army AMRDEC at Redstone Arsenal on SBIR funds, this 60 HP engine was developed as a heavy fuel burning prime powerplant for unmanned vehicles.  It weighs roughly 43 lbs.  The prototype (below) produced in Phase 1, produced 125 hp.
turboprop engine for unmanned vehicles that burns heavy fuel
small turbine engine for UAV propulsion
Portable Gas Turbine for Land- Based Army Application
The Redline Engineering Team (then with AZMARK) was contracted by a major DoD systems integrator to develop a hand-carriable generator-equipped gas turbine for the Army.  A complete system was produced by the Redline Team and integrator in 4 months meeting program goals.
Turbo fuel pump for the Navy Naval Air Warfare Center FastHawk supersonic missile
Developed for the US Navy's Naval Air Warfare Center to provide fuel supply and hydraulic power to the FastHawk supersonic technology demonstrator missile.  Pumping JP10 fuel, the 1.2 inch diameter single- stage double-entry impeller delivered a pressure rise of 1300 psi.  Hydraulic power output was 8.5 gpm at 3050 psi.  All program goals were met.
JP-10 turbopump for the FastHawk hypersonic missile
Turbo fuel pump for the DARPA/Office of Naval Research HyFly Hypersonic missile.
Based on performance in the NAWC FastHawk program, the Redline design team was contracted Boeing St. Louis to design and develop the turbo fuel pump for the DARPA/Office of Naval Research HyFly hypersonic missile program.  The turbopump met all program goals.
DARPA ONR HyFLy  Hypersonic Missile turbopump
Ultra-Micro Gas-Turbine Driven Alternator
In 1993 the Team (as M-DOT Aerospace) was contracted by DARPA to design and develop the world's smallest gas turbine engine.  Intended initially as a turbojet for small missiles, the engine was eventually developed into a turboalternator with gas turbine at one end of the shaft and a permanent-magnet generator on the other.  This engine features the world's smallest heavy fuel annular burner. 
Redline 5 kW Quiet Generator Set
In 2013 the Team designed a fabricated a 5 kW lightweight gas turbine generator set for remote construction work.  Testing of the noise suppression system is in process.  The complete unit in the photo with fuel tank weighs 72 lbs.
quiet gas turbine generator set 5kW
Supercritical CO2 Pump for Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning System
In 2001 the team developed and entered into initial rate production of a high speed supercritical CO2 pump.  The pump was capable of operation with 3500 psi pressure delta across the housing. 
Supercritical CO2 pump closed cycle wafer cleaning
1.2 kW gas turbine driven alternator.
annular combustion chamber for for the Redline 60 hp turboprop engine.
high temperature inconel recuperator heat exchanger for high altitude gas turbine
very small annular combustion chamber for the smallest jet engine in the world
Redline does not solicit make-to-print work.  We are not a job shop. Please keep us in mind mind as a supplier of fully engineered systems.  We take pride in our ability to produce just about anything from a compound-formed annular burner in  .25mm thick Haynes 230 to a complete twin-spool turboprop engine and propeller.  We have 5-axis CNC capability as well as CNC turning, conventional machining, sheet metal forming, welding, vacuum potting, grinding and assembly. 
Let Redline take your concept from"lunch napkin" to full rate production. 


General and Sales Inquiries

For any inquiries, please contact us at:


We are always looking for talented engineers, machinists, welders and fabricators. To apply for a job with Redline,  send a cover letter together with your resume to:

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